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All You Need To Know About Black Crab (2022) Movie Review, Cast , Plot , Summary & More

Black Crab is a 2022 Swedish action thriller film[1] directed by Adam Berg, written by Adam Berg and Pelle Rådström. This movie depicts a post-apocalyptic world, where six soldiers on a covert mission must transport a mysterious package across a frozen archipelago.

What is the point of Black Crab?

Their mission is to transport two capsules across the ice from Tesenoy to the research facility in Odo. It’s sideways and behind enemy lines, likened to a crab for the way these soldiers will be operating sideways. Black signifies night; the time of day they’ll be traveling to avoid detection. The film reminds us that no matter which side you are on, war is brutal, cruel and stupid. Some people don’t want to hear that message right now.


Noomi Rapace as Caroline Edh

Aliette Opheim as Forsberg

Dar Salim as Malik

Jakob Oftebro as Nylund

Ardalan Esmaili as Karimi

David Dencik as Colonel Raad

Martin Hendrikse as Soldier

Erik Enge as Granvik

Cecilia Säverman as Female Robber

Ilir Latifi as Head Centry

Mikail Akalin as Vice Korpral

Susan Taslimi as Admiral Nordh

Review & What’s The Plot Of Film

This is probably one of the most awesome Swedish movies in modern times. As usual, Noomi Rapace is so persuasive in her role that I lack words and directed by Adam Berg which is unparalleled in Swedish film history. This is a movie that you would expect from a Hollywood blockbuster with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars. Furthermore, the plot is unfortunately not so different from the real-world warfare and the crisis that we see in Ukraine today and so many other places. A brilliant metaphor for the inevitable, endemic logic of White Supremacy and White Power. The portrayal of Whiteness using the scenes on the frozen ice, particularly the final scenes of the journey showing the single soldier in the great distance chasing the other in the hazy frost of winter is an EPIC aesthetic and metaphoric triumph!

A movie that everyone should see, to understand the horrors of war and a parent’s driving force and resistance against high-tech weapons and armies for the love of her child. The Swedes take a plain war movie to another level, giving it depth and realism. Outstanding cinematography, directing and performances, especially Noomi Rapace as the lead character. Great actors and intriguing storyline. I long for the mothers desperation to be reunited with her daughter and it really makes you feel for what soldiers have to go through.

Is The Movie Worth To Watch

The film is a timeless metaphor for the irony and tragedy of all wars and human history Excellent action movie with a heart. Very well structured. Gritty without over the top heroics. Consistently drawing you in with its menacing cold dark atmosphere accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful score . Never a dull moment throughout. Add to that a wonderful performance by the lead character.. The ambiguity of not knowing who the good or bad is could not be more clever.

The duality of love for family and the other and of the savagery of humankind to destroy it is powerful. Beautiful, melancholy music by Dead People is perfect. Slightly slow and lengthy but worth to see because whole team taken too much hard work. You have to create mood for this movie and then see. Its a must watch for all those thrill lover and the noomi acting has made this film a great watch…

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