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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 1 Review

Okay, so at the start of the episode, we see that Megan is taken to GSM, where she pretends as if she doesn’t know who Owen is but, in reality, she was just kidding with him. She tells Owen how she was captured for a decade. Megan was diagnosed with a serious abdominal injury that has to be taken care of immediately.

So to handle Megan’s case Meredith came forward and while talking to her, Megan reveals that she is in a hurry to get the injury fixed as she has to return to Iraq because she has a son, A Syrian refugee of whom she has been taken care of and due to the US immigration laws, she couldn’t bring him here to meet everyone.

While everything was happening Megan tries to find out who Nathan was dating while she was away, Amelia appears once but doesn’t go back to see Megan.
Meanwhile, as the ORs are closed so Alex brings Dr. Wilson to handle a kid named Max who was suffering from abdominal malrotation as soon as Dr. Wilson explains to him about the Ladd procedure, Max saw her and referred her as ‘Allora the warrior queen ‘ and Dr. Wilson was shocked and also laughing at the same time, and Alex says max that her identity should not be revealed which was a very funny element we saw.

I also did find the tour of the Sub -interns very annoying and unprofessional as they were roaming in the hallway and becoming a mess for everyone. Even one of them accidentally drops down his spectacles during the surgery which was by the way hilarious but dangerous as there might be chances of infections.
Then we also see a case of a boy named Beau who had an inoperable tumor in his brain and was a challenging case for the doctors.

The next scene I remember is when Arizona goes to visit Eliza but finds that her Apartment Is empty and when she consults April she tells her that she has been ghosted. So in disappointment, she hits up the bar where she finds this other girl who takes her to her place.

We also see that Owen again reunites with Teddy. And at the last scene of the episode, we saw that Megan was taken into surgery, and almost after more than 8 hours when it was the time of closing, Meredith realizes that the tissues left won’t be enough to close up Megan and realizes she is in a difficult situation now.

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