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The Man From Toronto (2022) – Complete Movie Review

In the movie man from Toronto teddy(Kevin hart) is a married man who lives a quiet life in Yorktown with his wife, Lori(jasmine Matthews), and works in the local gym called Marty gym to support an income. However, teddy has big plans in his life. He wants to start his own online gym but is afraid to take the call. He is so unsuccessful in his life that his name has become a verb, as in “you sure teddies that”.

Despite all these career setbacks his wife loves him nonetheless. He determined to do something nice for her and book a weekend vacation. Unfortunately less attention to detail takes them to the wrong house.

Arriving at the wrong house he mistakes a man from Toronto as a deadly assassin who can extract any information from anyone.

The mistaken identity sets the stage for huge blunder that involves the FBI needing teddy to stop an international deal. Meanwhile, the real assassin the real man from Toronto (woody Harrelson) trained in 23 forms of martial arts. He has a collection of butcher knives that he uses to torture his victims. He uses 19th-century poetry as a password. And no matter what, you can always count on him to get the job done. Comedically, the movie gives audiences who appreciate Hart everything they love about the comedian. There the self-deprecating height jokes, the nervous, rapid-fire rants, and 10 out of 10 reactions to his impending bodily harm. woody also gives Hart plenty of real estate to riff his way through several interrogation scenes that earn some big laughs, and even some dry heaves due to Teddy’s reaction to some actual violence. Those scenarios do get a little repetitive by the midpoint of the film, and could have used some surgical editing to tighten up the pace, which does drag. One the whole I can say it’s a good movie with some good action scenes and comic role of hart has add some good humour moments in this film. Harrelson also does a wonderful job as a tall handsome killer.

This movie involves a couple of bad words involves violence blood. I like the ending with a change of heart of man from Toronto and determine to start a restaurant and promise to leave job of assassian, for teddy he takes the risk and start his own non contact boxing online classes in which he got great success.

Both of them learned from each other teddy learned to take the risk and Harrelson learns to be a good man.

Overall it’s a good movie to watch with friends or when you are bored.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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