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Recently Netflix has announced that it will cut down the prices of its subscription plan in India. Netflix has faced a lot of competition from other streaming sites, as they are comparitively more pocket friendly then netflix. previously netflix has four plans in india-

₹199, ₹499 ,₹649 & ₹799

One of which is India Specific. The ₹199pm Mobile Only Plan in only available in India as of Now. These plans are far more expensive then amazon prime , hotstar, voot and other sreaming platforms.

  • Netflix knows in india there is a heavy competition because of the prices so they decided in order to capture the indian market they have to decrease the price of its subscription. They believe that Their Next 100 Million Customers Will come from India. And For That to become a reality they have to decrease there prices in order to win more customers. As Hotstar has the Highest Market Share in India while Netflix has only a Fraction. They would want to compete with them as Hotstar is backed by Disney , meaning all Disney and Fox shows will be available for streaming on Hotstar Exclusively. Hotstar has Also inked Deal with HBO for their Streaming Rights In India. On The Other Hand, Prime India is Steadily Increasing their regional Portfolio and attracting new customers because of that varied available choices .

What are the new subscription rates for Netflix?

  • The subscription price for the mobile-only plan has been reduced from Rs 199 to Rs 149. On the mobile-only plan, users will be able to watch Netflix content only on their mobiles and tablets with a low 480p video resolution. The price for the basic plan has been reduced from Rs 499 to Rs 199. On this plan, too, the video will be available on the 480p resolution but users will be able to watch content on their computers and TV, too, in addition to mobile devices.

The standard plan, which cost Rs 649 a month earlier, will now cost Rs 499. In this plan, users will get 1080p video resolution and will be able to watch on all devices. Unlike the mobile-only and basic plans — where only one device will be able to watch Netflix at the same time — standard plan subscribers will be able to watch on two different devices at the same time.

The top-end premium plan, which will cost Rs 649 instead of Rs 799 a month, will allow users to watch content on 4K+HDR resolution. In this plan, four different devices will be able to watch at the same time. with its price cut netflix’s long-term goal includes capturing a wide range of market share in India because of its uprising popularity, for this if they dont decrease the prices then it is very difficult to survive in market like india where people want quality content at lowest possible prices.

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