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Windfall Movie Review, Summary, Plot, Cast & More: 2022

Windfall is a 2022 American crime thriller film directed by Charlie McDowell from a screenplay by Andrew Kevin Walker and Justin Lader. This is a great movie for anyone who seeks character-driven cinema, not hot personalities buried fast-paced action scenes…that’s what makes it great! The personalities and storylines are real. The setting, lighting, makeup, wardrobes, and especially the score, are A+. The climax is astounding and shows the outcome to the selfish lives of the three main characters.


Jason Segel as Nobody

Lily Collins as Wife

Jesse Plemons as CEO

Omar Leyva as Gardener


Windfall is a thriller drama directed by Charlie McDowell that revolves around a stranger who breaks into the vacation house of a tech billionaire but is interrupted by the arrival of the billionaire and his wife. The film is now streaming on Netflix. The cinematography was very well done. All the camera shots perfectly described the temperature of each scene.

This goes for the music as well. It was very reminiscent of The Twilight-Zone and Alfred Hitchcock adjacent with its use of ominous, orchestral instruments. The storyline was gripping and you are engaged within the first ten minutes as it jumps right into the drama. The three main characters and one supporting character were amazingly played by their actors, it was easy to recognise each character within minutes of them being on screen, as their personalities were portrayed almost immediately within their first set of dialogue.

How it ends & is it worth to watch?

 The running theme throughout Windfall is the temptation and corrupting nature of wealth. In other words, people doing messed up things for money.

The clearest example is Nobody’s attempted robbery and extortion of CEO. Nobody is not portrayed as a necessarily bad guy and is clearly uncomfortable hurting others (consider his devastation after the gardener’s accidental death.) But the lure of CEO’s fortune proves too much for even him to resist.

CEO himself is equally as compromised. Not only has a life of privilege turned him into an arrogant, entitled jerk, but it’s established he made this fortune through an algorithm that encourages corporate greed at the expense of workers’ jobs.

Finally, Wife sacrificed her values for money when she married CEO. It’s revealed that CEO paid off her student loans after beginning their relationship and though she now works alongside her husband as head of their charity, we can safely assume her luxurious lifestyle is not entirely self-made. All three actors were great. Jesse Plemons is quite exceptional. The script is excellent. It is a plot that is growing, that is intense, and complex. Gladly watch this movie again to calmly enjoy the brilliant performances. Without a doubt, love this style of movies!!

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