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Thor: Love and Thunder | Full Movie Review

Thor: Love and Thunder is a 2022 American superhero film based on the marvel comics character thor, produced by marvel studios and distributed by walt disney studio motion pictures. Thor has been an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than a decade now, but his standalone films have either hit the bullseye or missed the target entirely.

While the origins story, Thor (2011) was a decent start, Thor: The Dark World (2013) was a horrendous entry. And yet, anyone’s list of top five MCU films will include Thor: Ragnarok (2017) for sure. The return of the Hemsworth-Taika Waititi collaboration meant that expectations were sky-high ahead of the release. The film is directed by Taika Waititi, who co-wrote the script with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, and stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor alongside Christian BaleTessa ThompsonJaimie Alexander, Waititi, Russell Crowe, and Natalie Portman. In the film, Thor attempts to find inner peace, but must return to action and recruit Valkyrie (Thompson), Korg (Waititi), and Jane Foster (Portman)—who is now the Mighty Thor—to stop Gorr the God Butcher (Bale) from eliminating all gods.


After the death of his daughter Love and his pleas for help are ignored by his god, Rapu, Gorr is called to the god-killing weapon the Necrosword and uses it to kill Rapu, vowing to kill all gods.

Elsewhere, Thor parts ways with the Guardians of the Galaxy after receiving a distress signal from Sif. Upon arrival, a beaten Sif warns Thor of Gorr and that his next target is New Asgard. Dr. Jane Foster, Thor’s ex-girlfriend who is diagnosed with terminal cancer arrives at New Asgard in hopes of seeking medical treatment. Thor’s destroyed hammer Mjolnir reforges[N 3] and bonds itself to Foster after years earlier Thor had unknowingly enchanted it to protect her. Thor arrives in New Asgard just as Gorr starts attacking the town with shadow creatures. He is surprised to find Foster with Mjolnir but nevertheless teams up with her, Valkyrie and Korg to fight Gorr. The group thwarts Gorr, but he escapes, kidnapping several Asgardian children.

The group travels to Omnipotent City to warn the other gods and ask for their help. The Olympian god Zeus is unwilling to help and has Thor captured, forcing the group to fight off Zeus’s men. Zeus injures Korg; in anger, Thor impales Zeus with his own thunderbolt, which Valkyrie steals during their escape. They then travel to the Shadow Realm to save the children. However, this turned out to be a ruse for Gorr to take Stormbreaker, which he intends to use on the Bifrost to enter Eternity and ask for the destruction of all gods. Gorr manages to overpower Thor’s group and successfully steal Stormbreaker.

Gorr uses Stormbreaker to open the portal to Eternity. Valkyrie is badly injured and Foster ends the battle drained by her use of Mjolnir, with one more such use likely to hasten her death from cancer. Thor, therefore, goes alone, imbuing the kidnapped Asgardian children and their weapons with the power of Thor to fight alongside him. Foster joins Thor in fighting Gorr and destroys the Necrosword.

Admitting defeat, Thor manages to convince Gorr that all he wanted from Eternity was not to destroy the gods but to get his daughter Love back. Foster succumbs to her illness and dies in Thor’s arms. Eternity allows Gorr’s request to revive Love, whom he asks Thor to take care of before he dies from the effects of the Necrosword. The children return to New Asgard, where Valkyrie and Sif begin training them. Meanwhile, Thor, now in possession of Mjolnir again, continues to go on adventures to help people, with Love, now wielding Stormbreaker, by his side.


The movie has two post credit scenes. The mid credit scene was followed by Zeus who survived thor assault and is incredibly furious. He gives a somewhat meta monologue about how people no longer care about the power of the gods, only superheroes, so he decides to send one of his own to finish off Thor and dupe people into loving the Olympians again. The camera cuts to the person he’s talking to: Zeus’s son Hercules — played by none other than Roy Kent himself, Ted Lasso’s Emmy-winning actor, Brett Goldstein. This paved the way to next thor movie in which he encounters none other than the great hercules.

In the second post scene we saw that jane foster died and enters the gate of valhalla as she dies as a warrior in the battle with gorr. She was welcomed by heimdall(idris elba) he tells jane that she earns the spot at valhalla and warmly welcomed her as a great warrior.


Thor: Love & Thunder is a heartfelt, funny, romantic, and amazing superhero film that welcomes newcomers to the MCU and Thor as much as it does add to the nuance of the character for returning fans. It is a adventure movie that will make you laugh hysterically and bring a tear to your eye. One moment you may be laughing from a kid using a stuffed rabbit to murder demons, to crying from witnessing a desperate Gorr trying to do everything he can to do what he thinks is right for his daughter.

Christian Bale’s performance as Gorr the God Butcher is immaculate as he truly becomes the character of Gorr. Christian Bale is known for his extreme method acting and it clearly worked incredibly well here. You feel his emotions in every action he takes, whether it be through a bloodthirsty murder spree, or clutching his beloved daughter in his arms as her life is slowly fading away. Another thing about the movie is that the visuals and action sequences are incredible.

The first half reminds us of all the colour we loved in Ragnarok, but much of the second half takes place in the dark realm where everything is black and white. It must be said though that the action scenes in monochrome are quite satisfying.

Hemsworth as Thor is here to stay though, and that’s a relief to MCU fans who have seen the original Avengers either sacrifice their lives or hang their boots. Thor: Love and Thunder pales in comparison with its predecessor and doesn’t exactly take the franchise ahead, but there’s still a good dose of Marvel magic in this film, and not one but two Thors. Words can’t describe how excellent this film was.

Overall, this was a fantastic movie in a step in the right direction for the MCU. A great movie with ma mixture of humour action sci-fiction and drama. It’s an excellent production by marvel and a must watch.

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