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Jaal (Part 2) Ullu Web Series (2022) | Cast & Crew, Release Date, Photos, Actress, Trailer

The Ullu unique series is a continuation of the Jaal and gets the story from where Part One finished. After the demise of the family’s patriarch, the two siblings choose to part the legacy just for them to find that their dad has a third ill-conceived child who needs a portion of the riches. Confusion results as insatiability, control, and desire consume all interested parties. The series stars Donna Munshi, Tanya Chatterjee, Ashraf Saifi, and Abhi Rizvi in lead jobs.

Jaal (Part 2) Ullu Web Series Information:

Web SeriesJaal Part 2
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Romance
Release date28 June 2022
No. of episodes3
Directed byAV
StarringRamesh Goyal
Ashraf Saifi
Abhi Rizvi
Donna Munshi
Tanya Chatterjee
Harthik Yadav
Muskaan Agarwal
Production companyUllu Digital Private Limited
DistributorUllu App

Cast Name and Character:

  • Ramesh Goyal as (Dheeraj),
  • Ashraf Saifi as (Vijay),
  • Abhi Rizvi as (Anmol),
  • Donna Munshi as (Nidhi),
  • Tanya Chaterjee as (Surekha),
  • Harthik Yadav as (Chinga),
  • Muskaan Agarwal as (Rani)

Jaal Part 2 ULLU Web Series Actor / Actress Name and Photos

Donna Munshi

Tanya Chatterjee

Muskaan Agarwal

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