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All You Need To Know About The Call (2020) Movie Review, Cast , Plot , Summary & More

The Call is a 2020 South Korean thriller film directed by Lee Chung-hyun. The film tells story about Seoyeon and Young-sook who is connected by a phone in the same house but 20 years apart. Young-sook, a serial killer tries to manipulate her own fate in the expense of hunting Seoyeon’s past life. Korean Cinema is truly Unparalleled in the thriller genre.

(The Call) is a very engaging, suspenseful, compelling sci-fi slasher thriller. Top-Notch Acting, Fantastic Cinematography, Superb Direction, and an Original Story. Story is great characters are mindblowing. They have really researched and developed the characters in it properly. Shin hye is just outstanding. Her acting is just wow and she is super talented.


Park Shin-hye as Kim Seo-yeon

Jeon Jong-seo as Oh Young-sook

Kim Sung-ryung as Eun-ae, Seo-yeon’s mother.

Lee El as Ja-ok, Young-sook’s mother

Oh Jung-se as Seong-ho

Lee Dong-hwi as Baek Mi-hyun

Park Ho-san as Mr. Kim (Seo-yeon’s father)

Kim Min-ha as Young Seon-hee

Review & Is The Movie Worth To Watch

Korean thriller movies are always good and beyond expectation. Park shin hye(seo yeon) and Jeon Jong seo( young sook) both were spectacular. The movie was exceptional from the start to end. The storyline was gripping and engaging which made me watch the movie without boredom. The movie theme is pretty similar to the Korean drama series ‘Signal’ where communication through different time dimension is done.

This movie has used the same theme to justify the different plot. Well, the director has really succeeded to showcase the thriller element in this movie pretty well, you will forced to keep assuming things as it has an open ended climax. Highly Recommended for Watching! Very Intense! Mystery and Thriller that could rank among the best suspense Hollywood movies! All cast was very highly impressive in acting.

This Psycho Thriller Korean film must be nominated on Oscars best foreign film again! All scenes was breath taking! If you’re all emo and enjoy watching unresolved, dark, overly thought gloom and doom movies, then you’ll get a kick out if this. Its a must watch film for all those thriller lovers.

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