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All You Need To Know About The Adam Project (2022) Movie Review, Cast , Plot , Summary & More

The Adam Project is a 2022 American science fiction adventure film co-produced by Skydance Media, Maximum Effort, and 21 Laps Entertainment, directed by Shawn Levy. Its a time travel movie where adam reed after accidently crashes in 2022 he teams up with his younger self in order to complete his mission to save the future. The relationship between Young Adam and Grown Up Adam was an absolute joy, both with the brilliant script superbly delivered with comedic perfection and the obvious warmth, vulnerability and synergy between the two actors…it was a beautiful thing to watch.


Ryan Reynolds as Adam Reed

Walker Scobell as young Adam Reed

Mark Ruffalo as Louis Reed

Jennifer Garner as Ellie Reed

Catherine Keener as Maya Sorian

Zoe Saldaña as Laura Shane

Alex Mallari Jr. as Christos

Review & Is The Movie Worth To Watch

Ryan Reynolds is at his witty best, and manages to come off as lovable despite all the funny snark, quite a feat! The boy who plays him does a great job, the woman who plays Maya is excelllent, managing to convey a 3 dimensional enemy, with deep flaws,which makes her story more believable, Jennifer Garner is so relatable as a person, not just a mom/ wife, Mark Ruffalo is such a great actor he manages to steal a few very emotional scenes from Ryan Reynolds, hard to do!

Most movies that are based around the Si-Fi genre have long running times however The Adam Project doesn’t follow this trend. Despite the genre and the fact it is centred around time travel it still moves at a brisk pace, so there aren’t any parts that lose your engagement and entertainment. It’s refreshing to have a fast moving Si Fi film.

Its a phenomenal movie and would highly recommend this movie to anyone to watch. Its hilarious and one of those movies that you’ll be wanting to watch more than once. And Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds together again! They have such great chemistry together! Zoe is amazing, portraying a believable, talented, capable strong woman, so great to see that!

It’s not the most complex Si Fi time travel story but that isn’t really a negative. The film also has some nice comedy and heavy emotion, consequently, it’s clever in how it uses the concept of time travel to bring how the humour and powerful emotion. This movie is absolutely a must watch for all those time travel and sci-fic lovers.

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