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All You Need To Know About Oxygen (2021) Movie Review , Cast , Plot , Summary & More

Another recent Netflix original from director Alexandre Aja (Crawl/Mirrors) starring Melaine Laurent (last seen in Michael Bay’s actioner Six Underground).Oxygen is a 2021 French-language science fiction thriller film, The film starts as after a woman (Laurent) wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with no memory of who she is or how she got there, she realises the chamber is quickly running out of oxygen and must work with an AI (voiced by Amalric) to find a way to escape before time runs out.


Mélanie Laurent as Elizabeth Hansen

Mathieu Amalric as M.I.L.O.

Malik Zidi as Léo Ferguson

Summary & How Well The Movie Is Performed

Laurent wakes up in a cryochamber (sort of like a life sized clam shell for humans), her body attached to wires, IV’s & such w/her face covered by a mesh which she tears through emerging in hysterics. The soothing voice of the A.I. (played by Quantum of Solace’s Mathieu Amalric) warns her the oxygen supply is down to 20% which doesn’t help when Laurent doesn’t know who she is (vague flashes of memory see her working in a lab while she snuggles up to a male, presumably her beau) or why she’s woke up in this environment.

When she manages to make a phone call, the voice on the other end assure she’s locked up somewhere where they’ll be able to rescue which doesn’t calm her since the A.I.’s calculates a little over an hour of air left in the chamber. As her plight deepens & whatever clues she solves come from the limited access to records, she finds out her designation which corresponds to a name which she tries to confirm through a series of ever increasing panicked phone calls which lead to a shocking discovery.

Her chamber is actually part of a series of pods in a space ship heading to a planet to repopulate the species. Back home an unknown plague (sounds uncomfortably familiar?) has devastated the human population w/mankind’s only hope are the beings in this craft. As the air trickles down into the single, dangerous digits, the truth of her identity is revealed which is nothing less than a soul destroying shock. The film is similar to Rodrigo Cortes’s Buried (2010) in many regards. Both films follow a single character trapped inside a box with a limited supply of air which serves as the central ticking time bomb of the narrative.

However, Oxygen differs in that there’s a much greater focus on story and exposition. We piece together alongside the main character the history and sequence of events that led to the current situation through various flashbacks and memory jogs.

Is The Movie Worth To Watch

The film is very slyly made gradually reeling you in until your completely engrossed and wondering what is going to happen. Some of the scenes verge on the farcial like the compulsory emergency ethenuasia protocol which our heroine thwarts only to be asked by the computer that tried to kill her whether she would like a sedative. A great movie, especially to watch in the native language.

Its script, from the short sense for conveying the great sense of urgency, to longer constructions as things become more protracted. Very thrilling, despite the finite experience of all that was seen. In many ways, this visual confinement aligns with the narrative, reflecting through the limited perspective of the protagonist – attributing much to the sense of mystery of the outside world.

Where this was incrementally punctured by mild jolts of continual revelations of the world beyond. The storyline and acting were succinct, giving an authentic response to a situation of trauma, distress, panic and hope through the adverse of being in a claustrophobic near-death experience. Its a must watch for all those thriller lovers, some of the scenes makes you to think how it is possible the storyline is brilliant and acting skills of elizabeth has made this film a must watch thriller film.

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